A list of the church staff.

The Rev. R. Dale Custer, Rector: or 804-748-2182     

         Debbie Freed, Parish Office Coord.: or 804-748-2182

Elizabeth A. Pectal, Treasurer

Hazel Sloane, Register

Vestry Members:

Linda Blake            Stewardship 804-425-1163 

Jim Colonna           Property 804-748-5987

Kim Courington      Property/Jr. Warden 804-748-3927

Teresa Duncan      Communications 804-530-4319

Karen Gaster         Christian Formation 804-347-5873

Angela Howsmon  Stewardship 804-530-2993

John Howsmon      Christian Formation/Sr. Warden 804-530-2993

JoAnn Maher         Outreach 804-425-5967

Chris Nagle            Communications 585-713-0579

Valerie Paredes     Parish Life 804-748-4012

Pat Robinson         Outreach 804-768-6717

Mary Smith            Parish Life 804-748-9718






Last Published: February 1, 2017 7:39 PM
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